Byron K. Ward presents Business Leadership with Action

Business Leadership with Action (BLA) is a captivating radio show and podcast hosted by expert executive search consultant, Byron K. Ward.  “From the Boardroom to the Owners Desk”, presenting enthralling interviews with executives and owners of corporations, companies, small businesses, organizations and other enterprises.  The upbeat show offers practical lessons learned and first-hand, real-world trade information and knowledge focusing on successes, challenges, and influences.  It is intended to highlight each manager’s leadership characteristics.  The program airs via live FM broadcast and stream, and is also accessible on-demand.

The weekly one-hour episodes feature business leaders sharing their personal stories, organizational profiles, leadership philosophies, and future vision perspectives in an informative, upbeat, and entertaining format.

BLA introduces business leaders, board members, executives, departmental directors, owners, and entrepreneurs from all levels for live media appearances.  Advertising, Sponsorships, Underwriting, and media partnership opportunities are also available.


Guest Executive Mr. Kim Hunter, Chairman, CEO

November 11, 2022

Guest Executive Mr. David J. Albritton, ACC, CEO

August 17, 2022

Guest Executive Dr. Sevet Johnson, CEO

August 6, 2022

Guest Executive Lolita Korneagay, R.N., MBA, CEO

July 20, 2022

Guest Executive Regina Wilson, Executive Director

July 6, 2022

Guest Executive Dr. Cozette M. White, President/CEO

May 13, 2022

Guest Executive Curtis N. Symonds, President/CEO

April 12, 2022

Guest Executive Melvin Flowers, Corporate Board Director and University Trustee

March 16, 2022

Guest Executive Guy Walker, CEO

March 5, 2022

Guest Executive Jon Davis, CEO

February 12, 2022